Kawartha Kavaliers

Being a Kavalier is like having a soundtrack to your own life; it's awesome! Pride, precision, and discipline are what the Kavaliers are founded on.

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement
Kawartha Kavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps Inc. is an organization of people with great attitudes, winning strategies and a fearless commitment to be recognized as an elite Canadian Drum Corps.   Our supportive environment encourages all members to achieve their full potential as performers, while recognizing the need to balance these demands with commitments to family, community, school and work.  The Corps strives to create a membership experience that develops lifelong memories and lasting friendships.


Mission Statement
To create performing arts programs which enrich the lives of individuals through our commitment to the achievement of performance excellence.  This commitment combined with participation in competitive Drum & Bugle Corps activities creates an educational environment where individuals learn the important values of dedication, self-discipline, self-confidence, character and achievement.  With this unique experience, our members carry these key values back into the community.




  • Jazz 80%
  • Latin & Spanish 100%
  • Blues 70%
  • Symphonic 70%
  • Marches 90%
  • Popular/Modern 80%

Our team

Consists of highly trained local instructors who write and teach our music and movements.

Qualities We Embrace



We believe in performing at the highest levels and creating an environment where every member can achieve at new heights.


We are a family organization. All people are treated with respect and appreciation. This makes for an enjoyable environment.


We expect our members to demonstrate responsibility for their actions, fulfill their commitments to the corps and lead by example.


We believe competition helps us to achieve not only our personal goals but our goals as an organization as well.


We support one another. All members are expected to help each other as colleagues, performers and friends.


We strive to promote a high level of professionalism in all aspects of our organization, whether in rehearsal, performance or behind the scenes, that will reflect on the organization as a whole.


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We love entertaining

Whether it's a local parade, a drum corps concert, or a performance at Disney World, the Kavaliers always put on an exciting show.

There's always room for improvement unless, of course, you fill that space with your ego.

- Unknown -


Have a look at the Kavaliers on the Street, on the Field, and in Action.

Portfolio 1

Walk For Cancer

Photos by Mark Ridout


Portfolio 1


Classics On Kent Flash Mob

Portfolio 1

Canada Day Parades

Kawartha Kavaliers Photos By Anna Evans

Portfolio 1

Brampton and Burlington

Flower Parade + Sound of Music Festival By Anna Evans

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Lindsay, Ontario, Canada


Every Wednesday at 7:00pm. I.E. Weldon Secondary School, Lindsay